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Glam Fashion Jewels, jewels of costume jewellery Made in Italy designed for the woman who seeks luxury jewellery Design; This is our e-commerce site where you can buy online with confidence our jewelry handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen. Glam Fashion Jewels is one and more women, from the social addicted that sees showbiz people of success wear our jewels, to the woman, wife and mother that wants a jewel for every day without spending a high price up to the most demanding woman, always careful to the tendencies of the fashion, aware that the jewel that is purchasing, in how much handicraft product, is an unique jewel.

Every jewel of ours has been drawn every month to hand and our draftsmen they propose new lines. From the sketch to the jewel ended him it passes for various phases what the simulation 3D and the cut of the brass; the polishing, the welding and the setting are all manual trials that our artisans do for every single jewel. Artisanship, Innovation, but above all Attention to the Quality; we embellish in fact many of our Jewels with crystals of first quality and great brightness.

Every month we produce 3 to 8 lines of jewellery relying as craftsmanship way, there is no industrial process. Our inspiration is taken from various sources, nature, flight, navigation or ancient Egypt, the subject of the 2017 Collection and which inspired the design of some beautiful jewelry reminiscent of those worn by the queens of the Old and New Kingdom, and that world our city of Naples is tied hand in glove.

This site has been conceived for the sale of our Jewels of Tall Custom jewelry Online; rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, necklaces he/she calls angels all jewels rigorously realized in our factory by our artisans. The purchase online of our jewels is easy the sure payments and the free consignment.

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