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Necklace "Pink is Good"

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Necklace "Pink is Good" dedicated to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation project.

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Necklace for Women "Pink is Good" is a jewel made in Italy made in brass, machined and finished by hand, rhodium plated to give it a shiny gray, embellished with pink rhinestones around the entire circumference; the engraving bearing the "Pink is Good" logo is made by hand, piece by piece, making it even more our necklace, a unique jewel, precious. 

Necklace "Pink is Good" is dedicated to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation project.created in 2013 in order to promote the prevention and fund fellowships for the study and treatment of breast cancer. By purchasing this jewel, our company will contribute to the project "Pink is Good" by donating € 25.

Have the opportunity to contribute to "Pink is Good" with a jewel for the occasion, the only one based on the project's logo, fills us with pride and responsibility. We are confident of the success of the initiative and also certain that this will allow us to continuously contribute to the prevention objectives and fundraising of the Veronesi Foundation. Our contribution will be based on two aspects: well donate € 25 for each series "Pink is Good" on line purchased and donate 15% of revenues from online sales of our main jewelery Made in Italy in our e-commerce. For each necklace purchased also donate a pin to jacket with the logo of the initiative, created for the occasion.